For you Arky

I recently found out that a dear online friend (you may remember her as Arkenstone) had passed away after a short illness.

Back in the hey day of the Hobbit movies she was a regular blogger Here, tweeter and wrote many lighthearted and wonderful (and sometimes a little raunchy) stories about Lady Oakenshield and Thorin on Wattpad Here.

Over the past year or two life got in the way for both of us and we hadn’t chatted as much but we would still email now and again and catch up on each other’s news.

So Arky, this post by “Lady O” is dedicated to you.  You were a funny, kind, generous and giving person and you had a way with words like no one else I know.  I’m truly shocked and saddened by your passing and I’m going to miss you very, very much. I hope that we meet again when I too go into the West like all good MiddleEarthians do.

And this wouldn’t be a proper Lady Oakenshield post without a few majestic pictures of our favourite King.  I hope you enjoy Arky.

rest in peace.




Just leaving this here…

I know it’s quite old and everyone has seen it before, but I came across it tonight in my camera roll and it made my heart skip a beat so I just had to share it again. It really has it all:pelty goodness, big belt, ring thingies, hair porn, grumpy expression…. I could go on but it’s probably better I just shut up and let you enjoy with me as I present to you, Thorin Oakenshield. 


She’s No Pimp!

The woman is so ridiculous its hilarious!

Armitage Agonistes

Hmmm. Be careful what you wish for Marlise.  I think some Richard Armitage fans will definitely be reporting on this. See here, This is rich, isn’t it Rich?

Dear Richard Armitage Fans,

I am reporting on the topic of fans bothering Marlise Boland with requests to set them up on dates with Richard Armitage.

Please stop bugging busy Marlise Boland with private messages asking her to set you up on a date with Richard Armitage. Despite how it may sometimes appear, she is not a pimp. And she is very, very busy  doing British things, like…

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New Thorin

I don’t really have any words to describe how this picture makes me feel: Sad, swoony, sick, scared, smitten, stunned…


It is (as usual) a beautiful picture and it makes me just want to gather him up in my arms and tell him everything is going to be alright. Because Dear Readers it IS going to be alright. I am determined it will be and despite Tolkien insisting otherwise, they all live happily ever after and I will ride off into the sunset with (a rather disheveled I grant you) King Under the Mountain. And I dare you Peter Jackson to stop me!

The Thorin Project

What a great idea. The problem is what to say… there are so many things I would like to!

Nowhere in Particular RA

Hello all! I’ve been thinking… (my husband dreads hearing that sentence from me, LOL!) so I thought out loud to Guylty, because that’s what friends do (listen politely to each other’s insane ramblings). instead of running away though, she actually took my thoughts seriously! not only that but she built upon them, and after a few e-mails back and forth, a legitimate idea was formed between us. We’d like to share that idea with you today.


the end of an era is nearly upon us. The premiere of the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy is only two and a half months away. Most of us are looking forward to it with one eye laughing, and one eye crying. Another film with Mr A in it, that is surely a reason to be happy! But at the same time, we can anticipate not only Thorin’s fate in the film…

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Its Back



Yes Dear Readers, as I sat watching the teaser trailer I could not believe my eyes. There, in all its glory was the Pelt. It seems it is  back for the grand finale and I for one, am overjoyed. You will forgive me for getting so excited about the return of some  Pelty Goodness but when one is confronted with the inevitable despair that the last of the Hobbit trilogy will bring, one needs to clutch at straws. (Although I am still living in #DurinDeathDenial and shall do for the foreseeable future). Fingers crossed for more glimpses of the majestic Pelt  in the actual trailer.



Why we read/write Fan Fiction….My Perspective…You decide.

Looking forward to the next chapter of the Lady Oakenshield stories from our dear friend Arkenstone

I am The Arkenstone

We were born to love Fan Fiction. Anyone who has an ancestor who lived between 1837 and 1901, probably has the “we love passionate stories” gene. We love to read those stories that make us tingle all over. Why? It’s in our blood. Our foremothers, those wonderful, oppressed Victorian women snuck around reading smut and loving it.

Victorian single women in the middle and upper class were expected to explore charity and community service as a way to help the poor. The attitude of “ rich are busy, poor can wait” was supposed to be overturned, so that a “ poor are busy, rich can wait” attitude could alleviate the growing poverty within the lower class. French novels, along with various types of British “ sensation” novels, were a popular form of entertainment among Victorian women.

The French novel was under much scrutiny, due to the French novelists love of…

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